The Seller Experience

1. Let's Talk

Meet with our team to discuss your plans and goals, trends in the current marketplace, and assess your property's qualities and characteristics. Our team will analyze comparable property sales, assess the competition, work with you to determine pricing strategy, and outline a strategic plan to achieve the best possible result for you as a seller.

2. Setting the Stage

From applying a fresh coat of paint to rearranging furniture, our team will ensure that the property is visually ready for showing. Our team will schedule a professional photo shoot, and prepare the marketing strategy for the sale of your home.

3. Spreading the Word

The listing is broadcast on and sent across our 100+ partner sites for the duration of the selling process. The Compass marketing team produces beautiful print and digital collateral to strategically showcase your property.

4. Making Connections

Our team continuously leverages professional contacts and the Compass Network Tool to find ideal buyer brokers. Open houses are hosted for both brokers and clients on an ongoing basis.

5. Building a Strategy

Our team conducts an assessment of the market response within the first 30 days of your listing going live. Feedback from agents and buyers is aggregated, and the listing strategy is revised if needed.

6. Communication

We will provide you regularly with feedback and keep you updated with continuous traffic metrics and market information.

7. Negotiations

Once we receive an offer, our team will contact you to review the terms of the offer and analyze the pros and cons.

8. Timelines

Timelines for the completion of buyer and seller responsibilities will be listed in the purchase contract. Once a contract has been agreed to and signed by all parties, the contingency period will begin. We will keep a close eye on the timelines and ensure that you are in compliance with your responsibilities, while also holding the buyer's side to task to keep the process moving.

9. Closing

Our team will monitor and coordinate all the details necessary to get you to the finish line. Once the buyer has performed their inspections, removed their contingencies, and the loan (if any) is ready to fund, we will arrange the final walk-through. At or near this time the escrow will close, payment will be made, and the keys will be handed over to the buyer.

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