The Hopkins Team Homes Scholarship

The Hopkins Team prides itself on being a family-oriented real estate company in Broward County, Florida. Our active involvement in the Broward County community has opened our eyes to all the opportunities that could further help and improve this wonderful community. One of these is by providing college scholarships to deserving high school leaders.


The youth play a huge role in society. They are the future movers and shakers, the backbone of the nation, and our future leaders. That’s why it’s important to shape our youth and provide them with opportunities that can help them grow and thrive.

The youth of Broward County are more than just students; they’re leaders. While they may not be top of their class or star athletes, they are positive role models in their own way.

Once we recognized the potential of the young people in our community and their role in our society, we came up with The Hopkins Team Homes Scholarship Program. This program awards college scholarships to young, talented, and deserving high school seniors in Broward County, Florida.

What is The Hopkins Team Homes Scholarship Program?

The Hopkins Team Homes Scholarship Program is a college scholarship program that awards $1,000 in college scholarships to two high school seniors, one young man, and one young woman, in Broward County. This scholarship aims to give financial support to young leaders who are about to begin their post-secondary education journey.

Applying for the scholarship

To apply for The Hopkins Team Homes Scholarship Program, a graduating high school senior must submit a 500-word or less essay that addresses the topic: “What it takes to be a great leader and why it’s important to you.” They must also submit a leadership resume about their experience as a leader, along with their contact information.


The Hopkins Team Homes Scholarship Program

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Deadline: Application must be received by May 1st.

After receiving the submissions, an 8-person review committee consisting of education and community leaders will select the winners. Winners are announced on June 1 by The Hopkins Team.

Alyssa Porcena – a graduate of South Plantation High School, founder, and president of her school’s Creative Writing Club, counselor and staff member at Plantation SDA Church’s Pathfinder Club, and freshman orientation counselor.

“Dear Hopkins Team,
Thank you so much for the scholarship you awarded me. The opportunity it renders to my future is a valuable one, and I want to encourage you to continue to make a difference in the lives of students such as myself.”

– Alyssa Porcen

Shea Simpson – a graduate of Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School, Excelsior Scholar, student ambassador, president of the Cappie Critic team, president of the International Thespian Society, captain of the Relay for Life team, Link Crew leader

“Dear Hopkins Team,
Thank you all so much for your generosity and for selecting me for such an incredible honor. I promise as I venture into college to do my best to make all of you proud... It’s thanks to people like you that I have the opportunity to go to college and accomplish my goals!

– Shea Simpson (go Gators!!!)

Tiernan Ramer –a graduate of South Plantation High School, AP scholar, Silver Knight nominee, founder of Tiernan’s Soles Shoe Drive, and incoming theater freshman at the University of Central Florida.

“Dear Hopkins Team,
I am above and beyond thankful that I was part of the few lucky students to receive this scholarship. Your generosity will help me in many ways and I will be forever thankful.

– Tiernan Ramer

​​​​​​​The Hopkins Team Homes Scholarship Program is an opportunity of a lifetime. For more information about The Hopkins Team Homes Scholarship Program contact us at 954-915-8011 or send us an email at

The Hopkins Team Scholarship Parade 2020

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